Rudolf Steiner School Winterthur

Overall concept, extension, facade renovation, earthquake strengthening and interior finishing 2017 - 2020

Since its foundation, the Rudolf Steiner School Winterthur has been accommodated in former residential buildings from the 19th century. These are partially in need of renovation and are therefore being renewed from the outside and in. Due to growing spacial demands, a new classroom is also being added to one of the existing buildings.

The project comprises the two existing buildings and the single-storey extension. The exterior design of the entire campus will be further developed in a next phase in order to unite the various buildings, which have been constructed in different periods, into a coherent whole.

Left: original situation with existing extension in the basement, centre: extension and renovation 2019 - 2020, right: future extension possible if required
Ground floor
First floor
Elevation Tössfeldstrasse

The chosen materials are derived from the existing building both inside and out, while at the same time setting new, fresh accents. For example, the existing building's natural stone cornice is continued in the single-storey extension as a roof finish. The new roof terrace will be fitted with a metal railing, which corresponds in colour to the decorative bricks of the existing building and at the same time through its lightness identifies as a new element. The interior spaces are dominated by warm and materially authentic surfaces.

Rudolf Steiner School Winterthur Status: Planner selection procedure (1st place), completed. Programme: Renovation of the building shell of two existing school buildings, earthquake strengthening and complete interior renovation of one of the two buildings, extension of a new classroom. Location: Winterthur (ZH). Schedule: Planner selection procedure 2017, design work 2018 - 2019, construction 2019 - 2020. Client: Immobilienstiftung Immo RSS, Zurich. Area: House M15 interior renovation approx. 600m2, extension approx. 95 m2, house M13 facade renovation approx. 500m2. Cost: approx. CHF 3.1 million. Collaborators: Raphael Vanzella, Michael Wagner, Milo Strub, Serena Keller, Laura Hänni, Meret Studer.